Showed the ALL-9 protocol similar event free survival in the NHR group.

In general, showed the ALL-9 protocol similar event – free survival in the NHR group. There was an improvement in event-free survival in the HR group compared with the ALL – 6 protocol. The results were also better than the previous DCOG ALL-7 and ALL-8 protocols.

The study is based on the universal human behavior with immediate aggression respond when another person behaves unfairly and in a manner that is not in the best interests of the group had. Researchers 35 subjects play a money-based fairness game in which a player hits another, as a fixed sum of money is divided between them, however,er player can then either accept the proposal or reject it and take the money in which case neither player receives anything. ‘to be divided to be divided 100 SEK crowns and the proposal is a 50, everyone accepts it because it is seen as fair,’says Dr Katarina Gospic.Indirubin is extracted from the indigo plant , it the active agent in Chinese herbal remedies known Dang Gui Long Hui Wan that are used to handle chronic myelogenous leukemia. Chiocca, E use examine multiple glioblastoma cell lines and two animal models to three derivatives thereof from indirubin. Important lessons include the following:.

Research will published online in journal Cancer Research. – We have quite a good methods to get stopping glioblastoma from growing of the human brain, but of these therapies failure, Neurooncology migrate since tumor cells from the original site of and covered elsewhere in brain, says co-principal investigator Dr. Antonio Chiocca, professor and chairman of neurologic surgery and co-director of Dardinger Centre for Neuro-Oncology and neuroscience.