Virginia Commonwealth University.

Liu design and test an education and prevention intervention in which male sex workers receive information both face-to-face as well as via SMS from the popular opinion leader . These are people who are both popular and influential in community of male sex workers. POLs are trained to provide relevant information, and male prostitutes will be interviewed before and after the intervention changes changes in behaviors such as condom use.. Social and Behavioural Sciences – use social networking technologies to the prevention of HIV infectionHongjie Liu, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA $ 119,930 A pilot study of a text – messaging-enhanced POL HIV intervention program: Men involved in transactional sex with other men are an important source of HIV transmission in China, especially condom use is low.

Test new therapeutic strategies requires laboratory tools that faithfully replicated the conditions of this viral latency and persistence. Bosque and colleagues have just such a model consisting of primary cells that has developed the virus the virus in a normal fashion. A newly-developed model, Dr. Plans to the sequence of events within infected cells, this this viral latency, the signals that virus the virus and establish potential therapeutic agents that may affect the establishment of latency and virus reactivation help.. Dr. / AIDS in the laboratory and on the phone with cutting-edge AmfAR GrantsThe funded projects are:Krim FellowshipsAlberto Bosque, D / Mentor: Vicente Planelles, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT $ 125,000 study of the HIV-1 latency and reactivation using a novel ex vivo model: a small number of long-lived cells are persistently infected with latent virus thought to be the main obstacle to be a cure for HIV infection.Discussing Executive Director sea to Tokyo at the end the Korean stage of his journey and margin the international aid and the rights of children with the crown prince, ministers and senior government officials and representatives of private sector and civil society.