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Since the 1990s , the effectiveness and safety of using Serdolect has studies involving more than studies involving more than 17,000 patients. Serdolect clinical and pharmacological profile indicates that the drug’s likelihood of patients in therapy in therapy, their daily operations their daily operations and in their quality of life and reduce the rate of remission.

In addition, the disease caused by short or long periods in which the patient is suffering from an acute psychotic state, subject to certain hallucinations and delusions. There are also stable periods in which the patient symptom-free or experienced a significant reduction of symptoms. Even in stable times , many patients have difficulty in establishing social contact, is about or hold a normal job. Schizophrenia patients have difficulties in implementing even everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning and personal care.. Serdolect is given by Lundbeck in-house research, and the company holds the worldwide rights.About SchizophreniaSchizophrenia is a mental illness that occurs in varying degrees, but it is usually chronic.The pack for the most part meets enjoy level required by Bush but moves billion dollar priorities of Democrat . Rides, Adding of funds of war ‘was a bitter pill ‘for the most Democrats, but the effort to avoid move, have ‘in the face of Bush of veto promise and a filibusters by the Senate Republican condemning ‘, according the Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune (Taylor, Reg. / Chicago Tribune.. $ 145 000 approves $ 555B Omnibus Budget Pack; suggestion will return to building of final vote+.

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