The focus of the campaign is the inspiring story of Lia Mills.

The focus of the campaign is the inspiring story of Lia Mills, the face of the MCAM 2009 Poster campaign.novelist Lia was with mouth cancer in 2006 according to initial ignored diagnosed fixed, maxillofacial a struggle for their dentist, there were more than lichen planus her ulcer. Her speech at the 2008 Mouth Cancer Action Week launch at the House of Commons had a profound effect on all those present. – Lia said, Does not everyone know by now, if you have a lump or sore that does not have heals within a few weeks, you should check it out I. Seriously my lumps because? I I had of oral cancer.

Risk awareness is then through oral screening and self – examination for warning signs such as augmented as ulcers that do not heal, red or white patches or other unusual changes in the mouth. This kind of screening will save lives. Not the dentist who leaves a patient at risk of oral cancer be – make sure your practice is on send of awareness and that oral presentations are distributed an effective everyday priority. .Says that Leaders Pledge assistance health reforms, despite concerns of abortions coverage.

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