Education with Save the Children.

UNICEF has also taken a leading role in the coordination of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in the areas of child protection, education with Save the Children, psychosocial support and mental health of the WHO, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene.S. In July 2003, today there are more than 150 Hi-Art radiation therapy systems. Use throughout the world.

The bulk of UNICEF financial needs is child protection programs totaling $ 12 million , 9 educational projects totaling $ followed cover.With nowhere to hide from the violence, the children were severely psychologically affected by the conflict. The distress that caused children and experiencing the acute disruption of the funding mechanisms in the conflict makes the protection of children a priority in Gaza. The protection programs include mine risk education and awareness, psychosocial support, and creates safe spaces for learning and leisure activities, in order to establish a sense of normalcy for children in Gaza..10-12 years nurses from developing countries not the answer to U.S. Shortage of nurses.

The USA will the creation should be is a local a local workers instead poachers nurses from developing countries, say an editorial in this week’s issue of The Lancet.

The U.S. Senate just passed on an immigration reform the limits on the number from nurse which the USA may be removed. Over the past 10-12 years over 50 000 foreign emigrated to the emigrated to the United States. Most of the countries from where the nurses view are confronted an extremely serious public health problems, including epidemics HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. – Lancet commented on: ‘Use is a problem this size the Senate seems to are use of a aerial Volume -aid to a gaping wound instead of the transposition what is new on a morally problematic and expensive temporary fix for a problem that is is not., At least, the would creation of possibilities to finance and strengthening nurses infrastructure in the U.S., making to develop a local workforce.