Researchers from SomaLogic and the University of Washington describe in Seattle.

.. Has a high ratemarker analysis of lung tissue samples Publishedhas been published in a scientific study in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers from SomaLogic and the University of Washington describe in Seattle, the first application of the SOMAscanTM proteomic assay technology to tissue samples. Working with both tumor and non-cancerous lung samples from patients with non-small cell lung cancer , they identified significant expression changes in 36 proteins, including 13 proteins not previously associated with the disease. These results show significant new information on the biology underlying NSCLC and have implications for improving early diagnosis and treatment. – Early detection of NSCLC can dramatically improve the prognosis for patients with the disease, as was recently shown by the use of CT scans in a high-risk population of heavy smokers, said Sheri Wilcox, Director of Discovery Sciences SomaLogic.

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