Weight-loss update: Finally.

By winning the Pinnacle Award paves the USC School of Pharmacy program the way for the safety net hospitals as a national model for cost-effective improvement of patient outcomes and quality of life for the homeless and other underserved patients through pharmacist intervention serve.

University Of Southern California School of Pharmacy receives 2007 Pinnacle AwardThe University of Southern California School of Pharmacy with the 2007 Pinnacle Award. The award was presented by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC.Weight-loss update: Finally, I would like an update for believe post about my workout routine. I had an operation Memorial Day weekend. There should be laparoscopic, would have meant a quick recovery, but as it turned in the traditional 3 – inch incision. Remember, onto the way to recovery over the last few weeks ago My teacher sent me which email encouraging: Remember, Her body back when it was if we stops, so that the point will be we will work immediately . They reading motivating article? Stay positive!