Will be published in the journal Science later this month.

The findings of Professor Paul Kemp of the Cardiff School of Biosciences and colleagues at both Cardiff and Leeds Universities, will be published in the journal Science later this month. ‘The discovery could have important implications for understanding how to major changes in to large changes in oxygen, such as when babies are born or after a stroke,’said Professor Kemp. ‘It will certainly lead to the development of new therapeutic strategies to maximize oxygen delivery when and where it is most needed destination. ‘.

Scientists have an oxygen-sensing protein found in mammals in a cluster of cells at the site where the identified carotid artery branches in the neck. It senses oxygen levels in the blood to flow through and helps the brain to the breathing rate accordingly. If oxygen is scarce, channels on these cells are less active, leading to a cascade of signals that ultimately improves the air circulation, explains Professor Kemp. Until now it these channels these channels sense oxygen. The scientists discovered that the oxygen-sensing molecule of the enzyme hemoxygenase-2 is. Under normal conditions, this enzyme oxygen to Under low-oxygen carbon monoxide.The specific features of the various kind of patients with PAH is, including pediatric patients, are emphasized.. Pulmonary artery hypertension – groups reviews 1 – the only clinical made provided with a specific medical therapy and an evidence-based treatment algorithm available. The greatest progress in the treatment in this group, of eight medication from three pharmacological classes of on Supervisors are allowed. A current meta-analysis of 23 randomized controlled trials with said compounds has shown a 43 percent reduced mortality patients with PAH. Heart lung condition of the patient and the treatment objectives are provided, with a indications for follow-up policy. This will give help clinicians customized be the most appropriate plane of medical treatment for any individual patient.

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