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These findings are of great importance is no scientific is no scientific evidence that a member of of a disadvantaged group could spontaneously respond in such a threat in front the their group identity. According to the researchers, ‘it would be interesting to see the possibilities of prejudice as a strategy for social change and a ,, when women negatively negatively to gender equality to hold, but also develop strategies to strategies to promote social equality get information here . ‘research research were for its publication in Spanish in the journal psicol gica accepted, as well as in other international journals. Reference Professor Soledad de Lemus Mart n Department od Social Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Methodology.

This is stereotypes of competence and sociability eachA group of scientists from the University of Granada for the first time for the first time, driven from a scientific perspective, gender stereotypes, proving that both stereotypes and prejudices can be changed to the defiance of automatism stereotyping, and even though they are implicit. The by Dr. By Dr. Soledad de Lemus Mart n and directed by Miguel Moya Morales and Juan Castillo Lupi ez, professors of the Department of Social Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Methodology and Psychology and Behavioural Physiology?

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