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The Landtag, LSU and supporters of the charity system have plans for a new $ 1200000000 Hospital in 2012 announced community clinics community clinics for funds in September in September, create medical homes for residents is lobbying. Under the medical home model, people will care of doctors and nurses receive ‘they know and all of their all of their care ‘as USA Today.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 closed Charity Hospital in New Orleans, relocated permanently or for an extended period, and doctors and nurses from the city. exposed the city’s two-tier medical system, where people with means can be class care in a getting from a number of community hospitals, while the no means, mostly black, were deported to charity, maintained in which patients ‘ hours a doctor a doctor and weeks to see a specialist, and the doctors in the training provided of of the care, USA Today.Glaxo Smith Kline announced that it the European Medicines Agency has Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use a favorable opinion on for Arixtra , an anti – exhibited – coagulating medicament is the treat adult patients with acute symptomatic more spontaneous superficial deep vein thrombosis lower limb without an accompanying DVT. We are very glad that healthcare providers are now fondaparinux being a licensed treatment option patients with superficial vein thrombosis SVTs one condition that may cause serious and even life-threatening complications We are one important option fondaparinux may be an important option the treatment of SVTs said Dr. Tony Hoos, European Medical Affair.

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