The organization launched an online directory

The organization launched an online directory, easy access to local easy access to local Medicare insurance agents in each of the 50 states .

Profiled Important players in the report include Aspect Medical Systems, Cadwell Laboratories, Cleveland Medical Devices, Compumedics Limited, Electrical Geodesics, Hospira, Natus Medical, Neurosoft ompany, Nihon Kohden Corporation, Noraxon USA, Viasys Healthcare, – with the report the title? EEG / EMG / Brain Function Monitoring: A Global Strategic Business Report published by Global Industry Analysts, analyzes the market in two main operating segments, namely Electroencephalograph Equipment and electromyograph / evoked potential units. The report analyzes current and future projections for the period 2001-2015, while historic analysis is a review of the industry ‘s performance in the recent past offer . The analysis is for established and emerging markets such as USA, In additionrance, UK, Italy, Asia – Pacific and Latin America presented. The study covers key market trends, issues, and competition and is one of the recent developments, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities.

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