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‘Often overlooked, trauma and injury are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide,’said Sharon H. Hrynkow, FIC Acting Director ‘This program allows us to researchers from resource-poor. To train environment, low-cost, to develop locally relevant interventions in emergency care, appropriate triage of patients in critical condition and the prevention of injury. The results of this program partners abroad partners abroad and U.S. Communities. ‘.Of the project later extended order undertake separate analyzes of the various Basque regions. This study indicated that there are various trails its mutation the FMR1 gene by of the Basque people and which origins of a relatively young – and hence explains the absence of the fragile X Are disease with of that population.. From simple blood DNA analysis, it is known that the gene is an FMR1 CGG trinucleotide, usually repeat 6-54 even in normal subjects. On the other hand, among premutated persons, these reps seem 55 to 200 views, and in those who the mutated gene – that is, the sufferings of the fragile X disease – In short published more than 200 times and reached 1000 cycles in some cases. Analytical analysis that neither of persons with the fragility X mutation in the Basque origin, though they had been mind backwardness of or autistic traits -.