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400,000 dead Pentavalent vaccine for the children of the Solomon IslandsFor the first time in its history, the Solomon Islands vaccinate their children began today against Haemophilus influenzae type b and four other common diseases through the use of a 5-1 vaccine funding from the GAVI Alliance purchased.

Hib a bacteria a bacteria, meningitis and pneumonia , is one of the biggest killers of young children in the developing world. Each year, Hib is estimated globally responsible for some three million serious illnesses and an estimated 400,000 deaths, most of them among the children.Bush Radio Address Bush on his weekly radio broadcast on the Saturday called the compromise laws irresponsible, of AP / Washington Post reported, The Democrats in Congress have chosen. Of a draft law they know happen to be withdrawn at, Bush said adding: Congress members to risk clean insurance to poor children a political dot, he continued. Our goal should be in order to have no health insurance to private pensions – – no for children who an have private health insurance scroll to public covering .