Production and sales.

MEDISON was established in 1985 and over the years a very important a very important participant in the ultrasound market the company employs 430 staff in. R & D, production and sales.

MEDISON, in Seoul, is an industry-leading manufacturer of specialized diagnostic ultrasound systems MEDISON was founded in 1985 and pioneered the first commercial real-time 3D ultrasound scanner with sales operations in more. Than 100 countries, MEDISON a complete range of ultrasound products from portable digital 3D/4D systems.The APPMG in the year 2004 in 2004 to increase awareness of the scourge of malaria in world , and primarily sub-Saharan Africa The APPMG has been particularly successful in preparing to a depth of and width of the evidence of all aspects from. Malaria, is often reunification expertise from different countries and bodies.

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