Wnt proteins form a family of highly conserved signaling molecules.

Wnt proteins form a family of highly conserved signaling molecules, which play a crucial role in the cell expansion and cell expansion and lineage decisions in many types of stem cells play. We blocked WNT3 the brains of mice used with the help of molecular tools for gene therapy, and neurogenesis decreased dramatically when we add additional WNT3, increased the number of neurons, says Gage. Identification of moleculars increase showed us that the Wnt signal is really important in vivo and not just a tissue culture artifact. .

The olfactory bulb , which processes odors, and the central part of the hippocampus , which is involved in the formation of memories and learning: – In the course of life new brain cells or neurons are born in two small areas of mammalian brains. Neurogenesis neurogenesis, which means ‘birth of neurons ‘.. Many researchers have begun to investigate the potential use of neural stem cells for repair of circuits by traumatic injury or degenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease and depression, as well as damaged. Identification of molecular instructions that push neuronal stem cells down a certain path of specialization is a first step for generating exactly the cell types needed to replace lost brain cells.The survey concludes to while recent reports indicate that an issue with under-diagnosis of bipolar disorder, an identical if not more problem is to overdiagnosis. Study was published online in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Principle investigator Mark Zimmerman are the results at the annual convention to the American Psychiatric Association present present, Wednesday.