Almost say no adviser Rove how Miers would rule Abortion Rights Cases.

Almost say no adviser Rove how Miers would rule Abortion Rights Cases, says the Conservative leader, United StatesDobson comments Dobson on Wednesday on Wednesday ‘s radio show that Rove mentioned the ABA challenge and that Miers attended ‘a very conservative church, which is almost universally pro-life ‘ ‘Miers one strict constructionist , which is why[ President Bush] is like her. ‘.

Currently as White House counsel, has never been a judge and therefore has no criminal record. In 1993 she was leading an unsuccessful attempt, the American Bar Association to convince their support fall entertainment abortion rights and take a neutral stance on the issue. Miers in 1989 donated $ 150 to the antiabortion group Texans United for Life, now called Kaiser Texans for Life after after TFLC President Kyleen Wright Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.. James Dobson – founder of Focus on the Family and against the right to abortion – said in a transcript of his radio show on Tuesday published in that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove did not tell him how nominated Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers might to abortion related cases, the Los Angeles Times reports to decide Dobson Dobson last week on the show said that he persuaded spoken with Rove about Miers ‘ nomination and interview it, to support them, If some of the things that I know I probably do not know, should you will understand why I said do.* Clarksburg 18th mission of 09.00 bis 05.00 clock clock on the September. For an appointment call 304-622-2708.

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