As a specialized agency within the United Nations.

As a specialized agency within the United Nations, the IAEA is committed to bring the private sector and the industry in the development equation, bridging the public and private spheres through effective partnerships. ‘The IAEA makes public-private partnerships more than words: In addition to their commitment to our efforts through the donation of equipment to some of the IAEA – sponsored cancer treatment demonstration sites we 22 companies 22 companies whose voluntary contributions were to support the travel of the delegates from developing countries to participate in this conference, ‘said Werner Burkart.

The three-day conference, which included representatives of 24 international organizations, which fight against cancer, fight against cancer, including the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer , the practitioners and policy makers the range of cancer therapy with the opportunity to share experiences and examine new and old technologies Radiation Oncology. ‘New technology advances – better ways to diagnosing and treating patients,’said Werner Burkart. But the acquisition of new technology both in terms of both in terms of acquisition and improvement of the infrastructure and the development of human resources.####Along with the tremendous support of the art academies on Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa, ASADI and financial assistance to strategic planning is for academies of Cameroon, Senegal, science and technology andenya, like as well as the regional African Academy of Science.

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