Dramatically increases the risk of further damage.

Queensland University of Technology medical engineer and graduate student Victoria Toal said osteoporosis typically went undetected until a fracture has occurred, dramatically increases the risk of further damage.

Mrs. Toal, of the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, received $ 000 to fund the research as part of the final round of the State Government Smart State PhD Scholarships. – There is currently only limited understanding of how to bone damage in diseases such as osteoporosis, Ms Toal said.Like that transition takes place do not so far known. In the latest issue of journal Developmental Cell, the researchers demonstrate that the secret of this control in cells which to divide the muscle cells, fibroblasts known which signals that which cardiac myocytes or bigger in size tell send surround situated. Manipulating these signals can being able to induce cardiomyocytes about again. For dividing for regenerative purposes after myocardial infarction..