The development of digital mammography.

– The development of digital mammography, which produces clearer images help doctors to quickly and accurately diagnoses breast cancer. – A study shows that the use of magnetic resonance imaging , more accurate detection than mammography, ultrasound or clinical breast examination provides in some women. The discovery of a genetic ‘switch ‘off the one skill, cancer and needs. This discovery could be a new approach for the effective treatment and prevention.

PharmaCell is also actively and and development, both on behalf of some of its customers as well as in the research consortia in collaboration with universities, teaching hospitals and other tech company has.Veterinary science, the Breast Cancer Research Raw Inkjet Tissue PrintingThe National Science Foundation has been excellent $ 2,000 to participate the Center for Biological Interfaces of Engineering Clemson University the development for technical woven fabrics include investigated the causes, progression of and treat breast cancer.

The CBIOE which is located in Rhodes Engineering Research Building at Clemson University, is a nationally recognized R & Training Centre. Its mission is to encourage the development of clinically relevant biomaterial technologies and products that which treatment of illness and of Transferring this technology in patient care.