A cat in an animal shelter in Graz.

A cat in an animal shelter in Graz, in southern Austria, caught the H5N1 bird flu virus strain, but is not sick. Because the virus can take a week to be victims ill, perhaps the cat finally sick, Perdue said.

Perdue, in an interview with Reuters, the tests must be carried out on the virus to find out sick, it genetically modified.Virologists say if the H5N1 strain can remain in animals and it is not too sick, it is much harder spread spread. The chances are that it mutates also increase.So constitutes the information deposited the human Proteinpedia an unparalleled database that helps provided comparing protein sequence and interpretation of out of the scientific community. The main goal this tool which was during operation for about a year being to integrate and shares that identification and sequencing of proteins in published studies that allow to advances in the study out of genes and the proteins parties within the human pathology make. Source: Marc de Semir IDIBAPS – Institut d’ Investigacions biome diques August Pi i Sunyer?

Nowadays researchers may have access to a large number biological information on the Internet. Still such databases do not always have the consent of experimental hints, and are typically in several web offices a fact has difficult to to reach information retrieval spread. The Human Proteinpedia born of this need break down barriers. It is a protein Wikipedia , pioneer in this area, such that the research to share and integrate – element – info about lot of the proteins encoded by to human genome..