Participants were 62 years old and 12 years after menopause at baseline.

On average, participants were 62 years old and 12 years after menopause at baseline. The majority of women were non-Hispanic white or African-American were 16 % Hispanic and 6 % were Asian / Pacific Islander.

In Denmark, in January 2011 the participants in the clinical trial had implanted with the chip during a 30-minute procedure at a doctor’s office under local anesthesia , the chips remained in the participants for 4 months. Individuals that the participants revealed that they were often forgotten even the implant and that the device was as safe.Another gene Lung Cancer Drug showing most dramatic results to shrink heat tumor.

Patients with a certain form of lung cancer may profit from Phase III trial of which Moores UCSD Cancer Center in. The new drug, crizotinib, under development by Pfizer revealed most dramatic results at reducing lung tumors in some patients during Phase I and II clinical trial. – ‘Results of first two studies are highly encouraging,’said Ljudmila Bazhenova, assistant professor of clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine and a member of Moores UCSD Cancer Centre. ‘The Phase III trials will be crucial to determine whether or this medication going to market. ‘.