Relationship length was significantly associated with activity of the ventral and dorsal striatum.

– Drs Acevedo and Aron Co – authors of the study are: Helen E. Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University, and Lucy L. Department of Neurology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.. Some other new results from the study are: closer to the partner with the activity was reflected reward and motivation , allocated; relationship length was significantly associated with activity of the ventral and dorsal striatum, similar to individuals who yearn for a deceased loved one or experience cocaine-induced high, which is a shortcut facility bonds with addiction related properties is assigned, and sexual frequency was positively associated with the activity of the posterior hippocampus, found in an area in studies of hunger and desire, as well as for early-stage love and obsession.

The research team used functional magnetic resonance imaging , the brains of 10 women and 7 men, that even more intensively more intensively reported in love with their spouse after an average of 21 years of marriage. Participants viewed facial images of their partner and control images including a close friend, a highly – acquaintances, and a low – familiar person. Brain activity was measured while participants viewed the facial images.Smith commented on his research findings like this:. Our results to give us a number of new information to of magnesium metabolism in your body at the end of, for further research and development, we are able medicate medical treatment with such deficiencies. Sources: University tsmedizin London, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. Have then shown not getting a Nutritional Problem with this.

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