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Roundworm C. Elegansponse Time In Worms Points To Common Hunger PathwayNew evidence in April 2006 Cell Metabolism reveals a molecular mechanism, a general role in animals to respond to the ability to play play if you starved to death. The researchers found a way to worms, based on its to adapt to adapt to food scarcity by remodeling their primary feeding organ. The findings could help to unravel the factors underlying eating disorders, the researchers said Despite the prevalence of eating disorders obesity to anorexia, the identity and mechanism of action of starvation signals are largely unknown, you team added: Our study of starvation sensitivity of gpb-2 mutants and the downstream signaling pathway in feeding muscles suggests that eating disorders from inappropriate from inappropriate behavioral responses to starvation signals.

You et al: hunger activates MAP kinase through the muscarinic acetylcholine pathway. DOI Caenorhabditis elegans pharynx Publishing in Cell Metabolism 3, 237-245, April 2006 DOI.Ortec International,disease Vocabulary opens in the hospital[ Newcastle Evening Chronicle ].

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