For the next three years the animals were on a diet.

For the next three years the animals were on a diet. On a diet. A group that ate soy did not contain isoflavones, which are natural plant estrogens that. One group ate soy with the isoflavones intact, and one group was added to the diet without soy isoflavones and Premarin, or estrogen therapy.

In the postmenopausal phase of the study, treatment with soy and Premarin in DHEA-S levels, eat 29 % lower than the monkeys soy ate without isoflavones and 35 % lower than the group soy with isoflavones were. Total testosterone levels were 52 % lower than in the control group and 41 % lower than the group eating soy with isoflavones.UCSF is the leading University of devoted to defined health global by advanced biomedical research, undergraduate level development in the life sciences and healthcare professionals , and Your Excellency for patient care.

Director Gladstone the Institute for Virology and Immunology and Co-Director UCSF – GIVI CFAR.. New and emerging biomedical approaches for HIV / AIDS prevention will the focus of an one-day symposium 24 February. Of of the UCSF – Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology centers for AIDS Research view and of UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies New biomedical approaches to Specify capable the limit global HIV epidemic is being a high priority this Symposium on is timely overview of the most promising developments offer, said Fox C.